Tesco's Big Carbon Labeling Bet Kicks Off

About a year and a half ago, grocery store giant Tesco announced that it was going to put carbon labels on every one of the 70,000 products in its stores, from parsley to wide screen TVs. The goal? To make consumers part of the solution, to give them the chance to help slice global warming.

Now, the company is rolling out in its stores an initial pilot of 20 products, including potatoes, OJ and light bulbs.

It’s a big idea. In a story earlier this year, we wrote about the debate and distrust that Tesco’s approach stirred up. It’s an intriguing idea, to have consumers much more involved in their carbon footprint. But, given how little time we have to address global warming, a better approach really seems like asking the company and its suppliers to clean up their own carbon footprint, rather than pushing the work down to customers.

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