Green jobs: Van Jones on the Colbert Report

I caught up with Van Jones, founder and president of Green For All this afternoon. Jones’ status vaulted from green visionary to eco-celebrity thanks in part to a much-emailed a column by Thomas Friedman in the NYT last October enumerating how Jones is bridging green issues, jobs, class and race in unprecedented ways. Green For All is working to build a potentially potent coalition that promises to unite some odd bedfellows — business, environmentalists, labor, low-income communities and the youth movement. The common denominator here is the need for a wave of investment to cut emissions and the wave of new “green collar” jobs that will be created if so. It’s a plan that’s already causing ripples in the fast-multiplying campaign pledges for green-collar job programs from Clinton, Obama and McKean. Learn more from Jones himself. He’ll be sitting with Stephen Colbert for a mock-grilling on the Comedy Channel’s Colbert Report April 1, at 11.30pm Eastern.

Watch the replay here:

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