Matt Vella, our innovation/design car guy, just put up a series of stories on car design coming out of the LA Auto Show that is pretty fantastic. Check out this Hakaze concept car by Mazda.

There’s a piece on Edmunds, the private car maker. And a slide show on Edmunds’ space, where it actually puts together its cars.

Some 15 auto companies have design studios in Southern California and all were parading their best—concept cars and production models—at the show.—+auto+design_auto+design

There’s a special piece on Nissan’s new GT-R. This is what Matt says:

"The $69,850 sports car has a 480-hp, twin turbo V6 engine that packs a race-car kick, sending it rocketing from zero to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds. As far as iconic car designs go, it ranks with the Ford (F) Mustang or Chevy's Corvette. Adding to the anticipation, it will be the first time the car has been produced in five years. It will also be the first time the Japanese vehicle is legitimately available in the U.S., and not simply as a legally suspect import on the grey market for exotic cars." And the GT-R images...

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