So my colleague Arik Hesseldahl won’t buy an iPhone. And I really didn’t mean to. But Apple got me. Quite despite my better judgment (while Arik’s cross about third party software, I’m much crosser about Apple’s apparent disdain for the fans who’ve patiently supported them for years.)

Anyhow. Turns out that I’m a sucker for whizbang devices after all. And given that my contract (with Sprint) was up, and my existing phone not only resembled some kind of large electric shaver from the 1970s but was dusty pink (note to manufacturers: dusty pink is a dreadful colorway) I decided to go for broke.

So I know I’m way behind on all the discussions, but now I’m immersed in this whole new world and frankly I need help. I even read the instructions (ish) but here’s the one thing that persists in baffling me:

Can I save text messages? I have a well-worn habit of catching up on replying to texts while I’m on the subway. Come back above ground and boom, my old-fashioned Sprint job would spit out messages, I’d restore my status as a good person who doesn’t ignore people and get to go on about my day. But now I can’t save even one message and the phone seems to go into meltdown when I try.


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