Ford Motor Co.’s new global chief marketing officer James farley hasn’t officially started yet. But already he’s getting more responsibility.

Ford said today that Farley will be in charge of U.S. sales and marketing, in addition to his global duties.

Word is that when he and Americas president Mark Fields were discussing replacements for Cisco Codina, the two decided Farley should take it. It’s probably a good move. Farley is walking into a culture in the midst of big changes. CEO Alan Mulally wants Ford to have a global, coherent brand strategy around the Ford Blue Oval. Product, design and communications, goes the strategy, should be consistent market to market around the world.

And that means Farley is going to have to, at times, force his will upon operating units with their own P&L in Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. He is going to have a much better rapport with those people, and a bigger stick in driving the strategy, if he has monthly numbers he is accountable for…just like they have.

This move wasn’t dialed into Farley’s job when he signed on. But it looks like a smart move to improve the execution of his job.

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