From MBA to Monster

This Boston U. grad joined the online careers company's MBA development program. Here's a typical day

After I graduated from Boston University's MBA program with a concentration in entrepreneurship, I was offered a job with Monster's (MNST) MBA Executive Development & Leadership Program (MEDAL). Little did I know that a company I knew only through Super Bowl ads, an iconic, monster-like creature and a business school case, would become my first employer out of business school.

Monster is the creator of the online recruitment industry, and recently invested in MEDAL as a three-year program which helps prepare grads for a general management position within the company. There are currently 13 of us in the company, from 11 different business schools all over the country, and because we're so small there's a ton of exposure to top management. For instance, if an executive has a pet project that he wants to take on, we are some of the people who would be pulled for the job. We spend one year in three distinct parts of the company, so we can craft our own paths.

After completing my first year as business manager in customer service, where I became well-versed in the operations of call center management, I recently joined a team of entrepreneurs in the media alliances department for my second job. A year ago, Monster made a strategic decision to create partnerships with media outlets, specifically the job sites of newspapers around the country. My role as the director of strategy and development is to help integrate the partnerships into Monster's business.

Here's my typical day:

5:15 a.m.—My alarm goes off. I throw on my workout gear and sprint to the gym. During my workout my mind races [thinking] about the day ahead…Which long-term projects will I move forward? Which meetings are on my calendar, and what fires will I put out today?

7:45 a.m.—Jump in my car and the ritual begins: a quick stop at Dunkin' Donuts for coffee (medium iced, half skim milk, half regular milk, no sugar), put on sunglasses, start my book on tape (I'm listening to Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done and head out of Boston for my 45-minute commute.

8:30 a.m.—I arrive at work, say my "good mornings," throw my lunch in the fridge and dive into my inbox to see what the day will bring. Everyone here has Monster signs and stuffed animals and there are big monsters painted on the wall and huge plaster monsters in the lobby and hallways. Even though we function as a corporation, we have retained some of the dot-com feel—there's a foosball, Ping Pong and pool tables, as well as a central meeting area. As we are getting closer to corporate culture, keeping these aspects shows that the company has stayed true to its brand...

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