What is your favorite portfolio analysis tool?

A reader, who shall be named Dollarwise Dan, sent me an email this week asking for the best way to get a snapshot of his portfolio. He actually works at a BIG brokerage firm, but the company has no portfolio analysis tools. Instead, they are pushing him toward a full-service broker. (No surprise there.) “It would take some effort to enter all of my holdings into a system, but I’d be willing to do it for the right tool,” Dollarwise Dan says.

His laundry list of requirements include a program that can track at least 30 ticker symbols for mutual funds and equities, as well as a snapshot of allocations broken into categories. He’s looking for risk analysis, and, if possible, taxable-income analysis. Finally, he’d like a program (preferably online) that can analyze his taxable, as well as tax-deferred, holdings.

My first thought is for him to try this with Morningstar’s portfolio analysis tools, but that doesn’t offer everything he is looking for.


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