Picross DS challenges you to uncover pictures by solving nonograms, grid-based puzzles that require you to fill in squares based on numbers along the top and left side of the grid. If the number five marks a vertical column for example, you must fill in five squares. One, two, means you should mark one and then two squares, with a space (designated by an X) in between them. It sounds dry, but the game offers hours of enjoyment, especially with its online component, which lets players download new puzzles from Nintendo, as well as create and share them with friends. The game even supports the DS' rumble pak, which vibrates whenever a square gets filled in or an X placed within the grid. Jupiter, the game's developer, screwed up the touch screen recognition (the tiny squares make accidental taps a frequent annoyance), but Picross DS is one of the best puzzle games for the system, and therefore, a must play.

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