The Most Innovative Companies in Finance, Tech, Pharma, Consumer--All Major Categories.

To me, the best way to benchmark innovation is within the industry category. That's why this breakdown of the Most Innovative Companies for 2007 within industries works best.

So we have Citigroup, Goldman and Bank of America are top 3 in Finance. Do I agree with the survey folks? No. I'd put B of A at the top for 07 for the Keep the Change product alone.

For Pharma, we have Pfizer, Genentech and Merck.

For Tech, we have Apple, Google, Microsoft. For me, Cisco, Nokia or IBM gets No. 3 slot.

For Entertainment, we have Disney, Apple and Sony as first, second and third.

For Consumer, we have P&G, Apple and Sony. There's interesting overlap here with Entertainment.

For Cars, we have Toyota, BMW and Honda.

For Manufacturing/Industrial, we have GE, 3M and Toyota in the top three slots. For me, I'd put Boeing, Nucor or Catepillar before 3M.

For Retail, the survey has WalMart, Target and Amazon. For me, I'd put Target first. This has been a very tough year for WalMart.

For Energy, we have BP, Exxon, Shell. Wow. This has been a terrible year for BP and it still gets top slot.

And for Hospitality, we have Marriott, Virgin and Hilton.

Check them all out and let me know what you think of the ordering.

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