Almost before the fizz of the champagne settled at the Bentley Brooklands’ New York Auto Show debut, marketing director Stuart McCullough announced that the window of opportunity for owning one was quickly closing. Hitting the market on the heels of the successful debut of the Continental GTC, the Brooklands is an ultra-luxury coupe with a hefty 530 bhp V8. It’s also ultra-exclusive: only 550 will be produced over a three-year period.

One of the reasons for the vehicle’s limited production, Bentley said, is an extreme level of customization. Every detail of the car, from the color to the type of wood used in the interior, can be specified to the owner’s tastes. When asked how many possible variants the Brooklands has, McCullough responded “550.”

Though prices will no doubt vary, most Brooklands will sell for just under $400,000. Bentley has already taken orders for the 140 some cars that will ship in 2008, so if you want one you’ll have to wait two years.

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