Bumrush the Charts: Indy Music Looking for Respect

So today is Bumrush the Charts day, a grassroots efforts that's using social media, including Digg, YouTube, blogs and podcasts to try to get podsafe music in the iTunes top 100.

It's interesting, in light of the meltdown of traditional CD sales, that supporters of indie music are trying to push sales of the music they treasure. I understand the idea, that by pushing this music, they feel that it will send a message to the RIAA that suing folks won't get them to buy, that the music industry needs to promote a broader group of music.

But at the same time, it makes me think whether it will matter what music you put in the top iTunes 100. Sales don't seem to matter, because people are copying each others CDs and letting each other copy their hard drives. If the future of music is bands supporting themselves through touring and other kinds money making efforts, then wouldn't going to shows be a better way to point to the future?

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