I'm on a panel tomorrow at a Folio Publishing conference in Chicago. The theme: What to Look for When Hiring Editorial Talent for Blogs, Webinars, and Social Networks. I welcome any and all advice. In short, what should publishing and media companies look for?

I frankly haven't been thinking much about blogging (you may have noticed) as I work on this book. And, I'm a bit ashamed to say, I've never hired a person in my life. So why am I going to Chicago? My BW editors, who are giving me an extremely generous leave, asked me to.

So here's what I'm thinking of saying: The best prep for bosses when it comes to hiring new media talent is to participate in new media themselves. They should read blogs, and consider blogging and podcasting themselves. They should participate. Here's what happens if they don't: They hire people they don't understand very well to interact with a world that's foreign to them. Not a good strategy when that other world is ceasing to be an annex, and is becoming the real show itself.

That's two sentences. Anything else I should add?

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