Nokia, Cambridge Team Up on Nanotech

The handset maker will collaborate with the university's engineering department to explore nanotechnology applications

Nokia is teaming up with Cambridge University to research nanotechnology.

The pair have announced a partnership that will see a joint research facility established at the university's West Cambridge Site.

Initially, 10 Nokia Research Centre staff will work at the facility, collaborating with Cambridge's Nanoscience Centre and the electrical division of the engineering department, working on nanotech research. The phone maker hopes to add more staff in the future.

Ian Leslie, pro-vice-chancellor for research at the university, said the pair will be researching nanoscience both in terms of how nanotechnology could be incorporated into displays and materials of a phone but also how the tech could be used to monitor an environment.

Leslie added that Nokia and Cambridge may also go on to explore the application side of nanotechnology, including care of the elderly and energy efficiency.

Although nanoscience will be the researchers' first focus, representatives of Nokia Research Centre - responsible for the handset maker's strategic direction - and Cambridge University will get together every six months to choose new research projects.

Leslie added: "There will be some scientific papers but there will also be some things that make their way into Nokia products or will be featured inside Nokia products."

Nokia collaborated with the US' Massachusetts Institute of Technology last year on a similar research lab.

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