In case you missed it, one of the best pieces in the latest issue of INside Innovation discusses Sugar, the breakthrough interface on the $100 (OK, $140) One Laptop Per Child Negroponte is about to start rolling out.

We got a couple of dozen comments online and I thought you'd like to read them.

The use of the "X" iconography appears to be controversial. Doesn't bother me. Question is, how will the kids in villages in Africa, Latin America and Asia respond?

The larger question is why the software developers didn't follow standard design methodology and iterate before they started sending out the computers. They haven't beta tested Sugar with kids to date--and it's been years in development. Why not?

Yep, I know Apple doesn't do much beta testing either. But that's Apple and maybe if Apple had done more iteration with the Newton, it might have succeeded. With Sugar, we're dealing with kids from very different cultures who might respond very differently to the XO system. I don't know.

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