3iYing is a branding/marketing/strategy firm run by teenage girls and 20-something women that provides insights into corporate marketing and they offer up advice on romance to guys on this special day. They start with a question: What do modern girls want? The answer: "The problem is that most romance-related marketing is seriously outdated and hasn't accounted for the seismic shifts in girl culture. The role of women in society is evolving: They're now ambitious, equal contributors in areas guys used to dominate, including school, sports, work, and politics. With that change comes a new definition of what makes a man hot."

Got your attention? They go on to suggest 21st century turn-ons for guys to try out on Valentine's Day and everyday. Corporate marketing types and designers would do well to listen. Ah, first off, forget the chocolate and the lingerie. Not good.

Sexy is communication. "The more independent and self-sufficient girls become, the more we want our guys to be our best friends. We seek an intellectual and emotional connection." "A few spontaneous e-mails, phone calls, or text messages during the day can have a big payoff. Phone companies searching for a chance to win points with everyone should offer up a girlfriend plan with, say, a reminder to send that midday message…or packages of girl-friendly ringtones and songs he can pick through and deliver to her inbox, just to let her know she's on his mind. "

Secy is playtime partnership. "Playtime keeps the spice, spontaneity, and adventure in a relationship. Girls are traditionally the social planners, from organizing a big vacation to making a simple dinner date with friends. If How can marketers benefit? By helping our men along. The entertainment and travel industry can target guys, pushing them to be more involved in planning everything from a romantic night at the movies to a hot weekend getaway.girls have to plan the entire social calendar, it becomes a chore."

There's more to 3iYing.. Seeing the world through your customers eyes can be surprising and enlightening. Seeing the world through 3iYing can be that and fun.

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