I extracted this little table from a spreadsheet sent to me on Friday by Zillow.com. This data and lots more is going to be posted on the Zillow website on Feb. 8. The first number is the Zindex--i.e., the estimated median price for all homes, not just those that were sold--in the fourth quarter of 2006. The second number is the percentage change in the Zindex from a year earlier.

San Francisco $684,459 -1%
Salinas, CA $654,503 -2%
Santa Barbara CA $627,323 -1%
Honolulu $626,452 1%
Los Angeles $545,409 2%
San Luis Obispo CA $542,856 -11%
San Diego, CA $518,274 -5%
New York $449,910 -1%
Barnstable, MA $404,375 -4%
Naples, FL MSA $387,167 -8%

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