Only Good Games Make Good Money

Rockstar spin-off company, Games that Matter, unveils its innovative business plan

Earlier this month, we reported on the formation of Games That Matter, a new Vienna, Austria-based company created by the ex-founders of now defunct Rockstar Vienna. Today the new company finally disclosed its business plan to the world.

Self-described as a games production company, Games That Matter will develop, buy, and license game concepts, and will also prepare production of each project, including goals, brands, financing, technologies, and schedules. Hannes Seifert and Dr. Niki Laber founded Games That Matter in response to the fact that companies in today's industry are dealing with increasingly higher development costs and fewer games selling in big numbers. The duo said that the "common business model of developing games is not very much longer sustainable."

"The business model offers investment opportunities clearly separated into individual projects hence hedging the risk for investors," the company explained. "With a wide range of business partners, carefully selected for each of these projects, Games That Matter will produce games in a short amount of time with an early return on investment."

"In my 20 years in this crazy industry I worked on original IP as well as licensed properties," commented Hannes Seifert, managing director and executive producer of Games That Matter. "With our new approach to game production we bring together ideas, investors and developers and help companies of all sizes to work with us on breathtaking titles without forcing them to grow to death."

"We are going to expand the variety of finance models. Investors can participate in the actual IP without being forced to bear operative costs of a studio beyond the project," said Dr. Niki Laber, business development manager & managing director of Games That Matter. "We will be able to offer publishers a finished game at a specific point in time without the risk of financing. And we offer investors a high return and long life cycle of their investment. We do not see investors as necessary evil, but as vital partners in production. And as such partners they deserve a fair share of a game's success."

Although Games That Matter is not ready to share more details, it's first project will be "one major console and PC title."

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