Business opportunity: Devils wing of the Hall of Fame

Here's an early weekend rant on baseball. Apologies to non-fans.

A high school friend and I have a new idea. Build a rival Hall of Fame that celebrates baseball for the bawdy sinful sport it is. Call it the Devils' wing, and set it in Atlantic City, Vegas or Miami's South Beach. Alcohol will be served in the devils hall, gambling encouraged. Videos will show famous beanballs. Kids will learn in interactive sessions how to throw a spitter, how to cork a bat.

This new hall will be fun. Fans will love it, just the way they prefer the Sopranos to Ozzie and Harriet. Players will be clamoring to get in. Some icons will transfer out of sleepy Cooperstown. Maybe even the Babe will be moved posthumously to the sinners wing. He was no saint, and he loved a good party.

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