General Motors made big news with the introduction of the Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle at the Detroit Auto Show. With one new product — a concept with at least one big placeholder question market no less — it seems the same company that a few short months ago was being railed against in theaters and online for killing the electric car is being given a second by some of the most ardent greens.

Here are some of the online highlights in the wake of the announcement:

Chris Paine, Director, Who Killed the Electric Car? — “It’s a beautiful design and the result of what looks like earnest and incredible hustle at GM over the last 12 months. I was impressed.” More. — “A warning shot to the rest of the car word?” More. — “Could I actually be getting excited about something from GM?” More. — “Maybe there’s hope that there can be a turn around, not only the environment, but the economy as well.” More. — “It is a rare occurrence when Toyota gets “out-greened” at a major auto show, or anywhere, for that matter. But GM has done just that with its Volt. As a matter of fact, GM has not only “out-greened” Toyota, it has changed the game completely by raising the bar on the way to pointing the business toward a future dominated by electric vehicles and ultimately - toward an industry dominated by electric vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells.” More.

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