EC to Keep Close Eye on Vista

Citing its antitrust decision against Microsoft, the European Commission vows to monitor the market impact of the new Vista operating system

The European Commission has said it will "closely monitor" the impact of Microsoft's soon-to-be-launched Vista operating system on the market.

Late last week Microsoft said it would give security software makers technology to access the kernel of 64-bit versions of Vista for security-monitoring purposes, and make it possible for security companies to disable parts of the Windows Security Center in Vista when a third-party security console is installed.

The changes were made in response to antitrust concerns from the European Commission.

But in a statement the EC said that while it has been "informed" of Microsoft's plans it has not given a "green light" to Vista's delivery because "Microsoft must shoulder its own responsibilities to ensure that Vista is fully compliant with EC Treaty competition rules and in particular with the principles laid down in the March 2004 Commission antitrust decision concerning Microsoft".

The EC added: "In line with the Commission's obligations under the EC Treaty and its practice, the Commission will closely monitor the effects of Vista in the market and, in particular, examine any complaints concerning Vista on their own merits."


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