Since I'm in the design school space these days, here's something interesting from frog and NYU. It's the announcement of a new course.

“Innovation & Design”
Prof. Scott Galloway & Prof. Luke Williams

Course Description:

Many firms that have experienced dramatic gains in shareholder value over the last few years (e.g., Google, Apple, Motorola) register innovation as a central driver of their progress. One can argue that innovation, and a culture that inspires and supports innovation, is the only sustainable competitive advantage. A frequent manifestation of recent innovation has been breakthrough design. Design represents a powerful alternative to the dominant management approaches of the last few decades and is an important perspective for leadership to embrace. The course structure will focus on a process used to describe a way of thinking and set of deliverables associated with creative concept exploration in product, digital, and/or environment design projects. Each week, the course will represent the phases conducted by an innovation consulting firm to synthesize real-time research and approach ideation and investigation on parallel tracks."

Luke Williams is head of frog's New York office, says the web.

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