Orange Debuts Fixed-and-Mobile Scheme

The company launches its Unique service combining mobile and VoIP calling, despite weak demand for a similar BT offering

Orange has launched its own fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) service, allowing users of Orange broadband to make both mobile and VoIP calls using a single handset.

The service, known as Unik, will be launched this year with a choice of handsets. According to reports, VoIP calls will be offered free as part of an Orange broadband subscription and mobile calls will be charged at a standard rate.

BT already has its own FMC offering: BT Fusion. Take-up among consumers has been unimpressive although a recently launched enterprise version is slated to fare a little better.

John Delaney, principal analyst at Ovum, said in a research note: "In my view, it has the same weaknesses of the other current FMC offerings on the market or in development... So long as the inherent drawbacks of current FMC implementations remain, I believe that Orange is unlikely to be any more 'Unique' in terms of customer uptake, than in any other characteristic of its FMC service."


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