A great leader has a spark that ignites others to do their best work. Over the years, I have found four qualities common among inspirational leaders: courage, honesty, an infectious enthusiasm about the path ahead, and a willingness to ask for and accept help. Any of these traits taken too far will tip the scales from asset to liability; great leaders deploy them appropriately, according to timing, audience, and situation.

Looking at your own leadership abilities, can you say that you are infectiously enthusiastic about the course you have set, brave about the challenges you face, honest with yourself and others, and willing to ask for and accept help? If you lack one or more of these key characteristics, what can you do to bring them more fully into the picture? Answer that, and you take a major step toward infusing your leadership with the inspiration that will bring even more success to you and those who follow.

David Peck Founder Leadership Unleashed San Francisco

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