Introducing the K5.

All I can say is, It's about time Samsung!
After years of trying, the South Korean giant has finally come up with a truly drool-worthy competitor to Apple's iPod. True, the moniker K5 doesn't give me any feel-good vibe the way iPod does, but Samsung's little device offers any Apple-weary consumers a very good alternative to the ubiquitous iPod. The 4 GB K5--about twice as thick as an iPod nano--comes hot on the heels of SanDisk's release of the 8GB Sansa digital music player. But it one-ups both SanDisk and Apple in terms of features.
Samsung throws down the gauntlet for rights to the "Wow" factor with its tiny slide-up speaker that offers "share a soundtrack" technology, as the company calls it. It looks good, but can it deliver great sound? The answer from my initial tests is a resounding yes.
The K5 also uses a full, glossy black OLED touch screen to navigate, with 1.71 inches of true screen real estate. It includes an FM stereo tuner, JPEG photo viewer and an alarm clock.
Will this be enough to break Apple's lock on the market? Probably not, given that Jobs & Co. are expected in the next month or so to offer their own digital music player updates.
Suddenly, though, the market is looking the most competitive it has been in years.

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