My three favorite technology products are the Mac, the iPod and The Blackberry. Now if only the companies behind all three would get together and make their products work in perfect harmony. But alas....

There's long been a rumor that they are doing exactly that, and these rumors have gathered steam in recent days, in relation to a certain device codenamed Pearl, which, in an uncharacteristic move for Reaarch In Motion, is expected to include an integrated camera.

The other part of the rumor concerns iTunes compatability on the device, a la Motorola's ROKR phone, and speculation picked up after a this Reuters story. Neither RIM nor Apple comments on rumors or speculation. I'm hearing that no such iTunes-friendly features will be in the Pearl device. That doesn't mean that RIM and Apple aren't talking -- and boy do I wish they would.

In the meantime there's a third-party software package called PocketMac for Blackberry, which bridges the gap between the Mac and the 'Berry. It gets the job done pretty well, though not in the most elegant way.

Every time I've met with them, I've been nudging RIM's CEOs Jim Basillie and Mike Lazaridis for years to bring full-on Mac support to the Blackberry universe, and every time, they listend politely, but made it clear that the Mac wasn't a big priority.

Another time -- the day that Apple's iSync was released, I suggested to a batch of Apple execs chatting with me by phone, that they consider adding Blackberries to iSync's list of supported devices. They all paused and laughed in a way that made me wonder if they had been thinking the same thing. It's been a few years since that phone call, and as yet, the Blackberry doesn't yet do iSync, at least not without help.

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