I am glued to the World Cup games this weekend and am wondering whether there are some blogs that are breaking out as must reads. Up until now, I have been working on, ok, work, so haven't had time to check out anything out, besides the marketing blog that Coke is doing, Nike's Joga, and the news aggregation I have seen at Google.

And just as an aside, while the commentary on ABC and ESPN seems fine, they definitely seem to dumb it down, compared to say the Spanish language channels.

June 19 UPDATE: Buzzmetrics did an analysis of the World Cup buzz.

Here's one datepoint from their research:
"While it stil hasn't reached the peak of online saturation as the 2006 Super Bowl (2.5% of all blog posts on the day of the big game), buzz about the World Cup spiked at 2.25% of all blog posts on June 9, opening weekend. Look for it to creep back upwards again as the July 9 championship game approaches. Who will the last two teams be?"

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