I've bellyached here about the gobs of spam I get in my Hotmail account. So, to be fair, I should mention that Yahoo mail is routing far too many valuable emails into spam folder. Just today I got found there an email from Howard Kaushansky, ceo of Umbria Communications. On Tuesday it was an email from a BusinessWeek colleague using the corporate mail account. The question: How many spams will we tolerate in our inbox to avoid sending false positives into the spambox? For me, quite a few.

Funny thing, just this week as I waited and waited for people to answer my e-mails, I became convinced that my own mailings were landing in their spamboxes. Either that or they were seeing my slightly ridiculous sbaker8380 tag and assuming it was spam. So I paid $35 for a more serious sounding email address. Wouldn't you know? I bought it from Yahoo.

(For anyone wondering about 8380, those are two years the Phillies won the National League pennant. Given this week's swooning performances against the Mets, it's highly unlikely that 06 will ever be added to the address.)

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