eBay, arguably the original Web 2.0 company, is sure latching onto the newfangled 2.0 stuff. Today, it announced eBay Wiki, with service hosted by JotSpot. It's intended to allow members to offer their own expertise on any eBay topic they know about, and for people to find answers to questions that eBay itself may not have anticipated. That's on top of eBay Blogs, also announced today, that let members create their own blogs to promote their business or indulge their collectible passion. They're both naturals for a site that has rightly prided itself on enabling a community to be formed around commerce.

Whether eBay's sellers, who pay the bills, will take to this real soon, though, is questionable. When Bill Cobb, president of eBay North America, introduced the eBay Wiki to a huge crowd tonight at eBay Live!, there was a noticeable dead silence. Clearly, these folks aren't spending a lot of time on Wikipedia.

Still, I wouldn't be surprised if eBay members eventually take to these services and add their own inimitable wrinkles. And that may give both services a boost among regular folks.

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