Late Friday afternoon, as Technorati's staff enjoyed their weekly wine fest, I asked Technorati's David Sifry the questions a few of you left for me on Thursday. The most interesting answer came to the question about why some people's posts aren't being indexed. He says that Technorati, like the rest of the industry, is struggling to filter out cascades of spam blogs. Some legitimate posts--false positives--are also being quarantined. Technorati has humans attempting to resolve these issues, case by case, but they're "a little backlogged."

So, if you think Technorati is missing your posts, go to the site's Blogfinder page and search your URL. If you don't see it, ping customer support. In other words, flag those humans and ask for help.

Is a fix coming soon? Sifry says it's on the "roadmap," but there are "a couple of other things ahead of it in the queue." Speaking of missing things... Sifry says that he posted a response to the call for questions on this blog, and that it never showed up. If others of you had the same experience, my apologies. We've been in flux this week, relying on a colleague to approve comments. Heather should be back in a couple days. Of course it would help if I could approved comments through this Ecto program, but no such luck.

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