Had a true New York moment last night. I was walking on Park Avenue around 91st Street, and a man happened across my path walking two dogs, a Corgi and another whose breed I'm not sure about. My friend bent down to admire and pat the dogs. The owner said: "People generally like the dogs better than they like me." I looked up at the owner and recognized him as former Mass. Governor William Weld who is seeking the Gubernatorial Republican nomination in New York to run against Eliott Spitzer in November.

Governor. Governor. A little confidence maybe? I said, "Running against Spitzer is going to be a tough slog." Weld's response: "Do ya think?"

Weld served as governor from 1990 until he resigned in 1997. In 1996 he ran for U.S. Senate but was defeated by then Democratic incumbent John Kerry. President Bill Clinton nominated Weld in 1997 to become U.S. ambassador to Mexico, but his nomination was blocked in the Senate. Weld moved to New York in 2000 and is now a partner in investment firm Leeds Weld & Co.

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