I'm sitting in a hotel lobby in Miami, mathematicians buzzing around me, and trying out the new Sphere search engine. It looks promising, and fairly fast. TechCrunch has a thorough review. My favorite feature is the custom day search. You can monitor history with it.

UPDATE: Somehow I published the post twice. I've fixed that. An hour and 20 minutes after posting, I check Sphere to see where it shows up in the results. It appears in the results organized by time, but not in relevance. TechCrunch, Micropersuasion and others are all viewed as highly relevant--but not mine. Why is that? Maybe the Sphere engine saw my duplicate post and figured I was less than serious. But the engine is also engineered to take longer posts more seriously, CEO Tony Conrad has told me. So... By adding this paragraph, do I rise in the relevance rankings? I'll keep an eye out.

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