Sopranos Product Placement Watch, Season Six, Episode Six: Hey, These Guys Read, Too, Edition

Season Five of the Sopranos was all about callouts to cars. Among those lovingly praised on screen: Maserati, Cadillac Escalade, and Nissan Xterra.

Thus far Season Six is all about … characters lovingly reading, or referencing, magazines. There’s been three thus far this year and two more in Episode Six. Less obtrusive than Tony bragging on Nissan’s “triple safety philosophy” last time around, perhaps, but no less weird.

And so:

Yachting. Tony’s reading it while lazing outside in the sun.

Egregiousness: 4. He does own a yacht, which he talks about frequently (mercifully, sans brnad or builder reference). But the mag nonetheless got a weird amount of onscreen time.

Robb Report. Tony turns this ludicrously-luxe, rich-man’s-toys title after a tense discussion about Vito.

Egregiousness: 4. Marked down slightly because the magazine itself is such an inside reference—we are not talking about GQ or Playboy here, but something much more obscure. Still rates a four because … well, I’m sorry, but this whole underscoring Tony’s wallet size twice in one episode via his magazine choices is a bit much for us.

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