There were over 400 respondents who picked Apple as the Top Innovator in the 2006 BW/BCG innovation survey but what exactly were their reasons? Well, here are nearly all of them. Check it out for yourselves.

- Challenge the status quo;- Do not give up (despite Microsoft's market position;- Courage to enter and open new market
- reinvented itself by entering music industry (ipod, itunes)- quite successful in buidling and retaining a very loyal customer base
A serial disruptor that not only innovates and disrupts, but sustains innovation once in market to maintain a leadership position.
A spirit of innovation is ingrained in the culture
A stream of products that create a market and build it - macintosh, ipod, iTunes etc

ability of industrial design to drive product/market development (there were plenty of MP3 players available prior to iPod! -- many of them with more features for less money!!
Ability to anticipate new trends.Matched with ability to bring products out to match these changing consumer demands/needs.;Out of box thinking in product features and packaging.
Ability to build completely new products and product systems with at design making service so simple that the set an unbeatable standard.
ability to change business model on a dime and release IPOD and other products that reinvigorate company growth
Ability to consistently change the companies focus
Ability to consistently come up with new concepts anticipating consumer wants
Ability to continually reinvent what it sells.
Ability to create demand for previously unknown consumer needs.
ability to derive super normal profits out of a highly competitive industry
ability to invent new and simple ways to answer or even anticipate clients' needs (Mac, Ipod,...)
Ability to understand customer behaviour & preferences - creating new products that are hi-tech and at the same time, "mass" products
ability to use the rand for various new slutions launches
Able to anticipate new products people didn't know they wanted.
Able to revitalize itself through new produxt innovations
Accomplished major shifts in consumer behavior with ease of use design.
Achieve to redefine their innovative focus
Again, a different model. Focus on interfaces, customers, and future growth seems secondary to current market demands.
agility and creativity
all the fun of i-pod and mac reborn
All the time introducing new products, which are a reference for everybody else
always (almost) ahead of the game
Always a step ahead of competition. The creation of i-pod is all inovation is about: brilliant concept, high quality product, original and unique design, a brand within the brand brilliantly managed to become the industry benchmark, new versions and increased capacity launched at incredible speed, leaving no space for major competitors...
always changes its competitive landscape
Always coming up with new stuff and keeping the innovation going all the time.
Always developing new products, or different uses for existing products
Always different, very innovative products, ahead of market thinking.
Always hip, always cool. Despite being out-innovated product-wise, they out-innovate with aesthetics and superior marketing.
Always outside the box in terms of their products and packaging.
Alwys starts...and ends...with the user in mind.
An incredible ability to reinvent itself. Focused in the 3 main sources of innovation (according to our own model of innovation: Technology, business model, design
Apparent product development hit rate and short time to market.
Apple continues to provide seamless products that show the consumer what is possible, not merely addressing their needs.
Apple creates new products/markets for itself by creating outstanding technology products which are very different and superior from their competition.
Apple employs people who are passionate about their company, the product they develop and the customers who are loyal. Much can be learned from a company that has captured the loyalty of a large, diverse demographic.
Apple had the ability to reinvent several times its business and business model (from Macintosh to iPod)
Apple has a long history of innovation in systems and user-friendly design. From its original computers and operating systems, through its current desktop and notebook computers and operating systems, the company has changed the way people use computers. Now, with the Apple's recent move into music and video machines, such as the IPOD and NANO, the company continues its tradition of innovation in user-friendly design.
Apple has a strong focus on consumer needs and their product design reflects this overarching priority.
Apple has been able to renew constantly its products and business model.
Apple has created an environment that encourages risk taking and innovation, resulting in cutting-edge products like the iPod.
Apple has demonstrated that they understand their consumer and their consumers' lifestyle with the introduction of the iPOD. And, they continually delight consumers with new features like video capabilities.
Apple is constantly developing new products and services that challenge the status quo, whilst staying true to its highly stylistic brand qualities. Apple continully merits its status as a Brand icon.
Apple is focused on the user interface and adapts its products to make them intuitive. I believe this is why they could enter the consumer electronics industry, which was already well established, and end up dominating, even with high prices.
Apple is not afraid to keep trying new things in the face of potential failure..and when they hit it big, they hit it BIG.
Apple is telling its customers what's next? They are not following the classic "market-led" innovation path that inevitably leads to incrementalism and me-too innovation because everyone uses the same research methods & customer vision can only give you incremental ideas. Because they have a track-record of building innovative tools built for human actions and creativity, customers trust them and view them as a lighthouse guiding what to adopt next. If Apple has it, it must be useful.
Apple keeps reinventing intself Ipod is an example.
Apple means innovation and fashion.
Apple spotted some key consumer compromises adjasent to but outside their core business, and used their strong brand as lever for entering this business of downloading music to MP3s(instead of the hazle of carrying heavy CDs around and bying "whole" CDs)
Apple stay ahead of the competition by adopting the innovative product design, business model and advertising.
Apple takes non-proprietary concepts and packages/markets them in such a way that creates a proprietary, must-have mindset in the public.
Apple understood that innovation is not necessarily technical, it is also design, ease of use, complete systems made of existing blocks.
Are driving through their products, services and business models/relationships a redefintion of how we consume entertainment and information.
Apple is the ultimate master at designing and delivering products that provide consumers with high value solutions that they don't even know yet that they need. Always one step ahead in terms of customer unmet needs.
because of ipod
Because of their ability to understand the changing marketplace and adapt and lead in building new markets with innovative products such as the nano ipod.
Because the new products and the new ways of view technology, the innovate in new ways of doing things.
Because they are constantly reinventing the way people do things
Because they are so good and consistent in coming out with new and mind blowing products, which is way ahead to their nearest clone!&LF;&LF;No one can beat the iPOD
Because they create things people instantly want
Becouse they have succeded in building their brand with great skill!
Best able to commercialize new product categories
Branches out into new areas successfully
Brand, design and service innovation - biggest innovative success is perhaps their culture; every single person in the company contributes to Apple's innovation success every day
Break customer compromise with new technological / business model
Brilliant ability to understand consumers and link great design and functionality with evolution of product.
Bringing new products to market, reviving their activity constantly
Capability to leverage new technologies into new businesses
Capability to redefine and reframe seemingly known products for the consumer
Capacity to reinvent itself through product development.
capture consumers' unknown wants
Capture the imagination of the public -- able to overcome long odds, given the relative size and strength of competitors, yet have established unique and true marketplace identity and position
Capturing the mainstream while still appealing to the fringes, brilliant really
Challenging the computer-to-user interface every chance that they get.
Clear strategy for growth and innovation. Consumer experience is key driver. Content with pursuing small new markets and making them grow.
Combination of core products and consumable accessories
Come out regularly with breakthrough ideas and products that have great success on the market and are far ahead of the competition
coming up with iPOD and iTunes. Disruptive innovation for a PC maker
Complete change of business model - stilll beat others by far in design and functionality
completely re invented itself through the I Pod
Con su último producto, el ipod ha generado una nueva industria millonaria
Consistent ability to re-invent the rules for competition in consumer high-tech products.
Consistent development of category-changing products.
consistent disruptive innovation, high value, customer delighters
Consistent product innovation, willing to sacrifice other goals to this
constantly eliminating old product line with new and more innovative product.
Consumer engineering
continous flow of relavant and market disrupting products.
Continous path breaking innovation in the cunsumer products
Continual development and innovation of ipod products
Continually cannabilises its own product range
Continually deliver breakthrough products which revolutionize how user networks access and utilize knowledge and information content
Continually inventing new products that change the way people go about their lives whether it is at work with productivity tools to at home with entertainment devices
Continue to innovate with new products like the I-Pod that create new markets and segments for the business.
Continued Hardware Design and Brand Management Innovation.
Continues to innovate and develop products such as the ipod.
Continues to innovate new products, like itunes, etc.
Continuing to develop new products, designs, utility and functionality
Continuous stream of "must have" products
create and capture the next wave. Great technology, creative brand.
Create new demands and define user behaviour
Create products that exploit needs of consumers
Creates new market space with innovative solutions and marketing.
Creates new markets
Creatice concept of Ipod: excellent consumer experiences with outstanding design. Permanent evolution of business model & brand
Creating new businesses beyond core
Creating new products & new markets, not just delivering new products for existing markets
Creative value for both the clients and the consumers throuth innovation.
Culture passionate about creating great products that make sense for the user
Customer oriented innovative products
delivers innovative products withfun and style
Design continues to keeps an technolgically "dead" company alive;&LF;&LF;The iPod has revoluntionised the music industry and kept it from literally going bankrupt&LF;&LF;There always seems to be something new and hot coming from Apple
Design innovation; market introduction innovation;
design, marketing excellence
Design, style, forward thinking
designs products consumers want before they do
Desirable products.
developed a whle new category and keep pushing products forward by canabalizing their own market (i.e. ipod photo, ipod video, podcasts, ...)
Disruptive innovation in music industry
Distinctive products that stand out in the Market ( Form and Function )&LF;Design and Styling that 'scream'&LF;Incredible Customer Loyalty &LF;&LF;Financial Performance that results from Innovation
Does things in a different way.
Due to their tremedous success with IPod and turning runn of the mill Mp3 players into must have objects. products are highly innovative.
Emotional design and outrageous passion for more is the focus of their innovation funnel... what can we say?
establishing of branded standards in market, innovative pipeline/portfolio
Every time their product line seems to be getting stale/old/out of date/out of touch, they re-invent themselves with a product line that guarantees themselves success for what seems the foreseeable future
Evidently product and market innovation
excellent combination of technological progress, product design and brand image.
existing product innovation and new product releases
Expressive leadership in competitive categories, iPod development (Nano & Video)
extremly good design, able to change the whole world twice - ipod, and apple, impressive enough
fabulous design
Fast time to market&LF;Listen closely to customers and offers complete solutions that work&LF;Excellent branding
find the perfect combination of latest design and latest functionality and can demand high prices based on the "double impact" INNOVATION
Finding new ways to exploit their technology know-how and create new markets e.g. IPODS and paid downlodables
Finding the "song at a time" music distribution opportunity via iPod/iTunes was brilliant. My spending is up 2x due to the change in when/how I can shop
Flow of new products; Disruption in products and coherence in design; Customer centric innovation
Focus on product innovation and strength to go ahead with new ideas
for me the answer is evident. Think about Apple history from the very first Macintosh to the recent innovative products. They are able to "put themselves" at the client side. They are able to know what the client is needing before he himself knows it !
For the concept of i-Pod
For the launch of the IPod product line.
Forefront of user-friendly entertainment technology
From the top down, they are charting the design visual waters and setting the physical and form trends that most designers seem to draw from these days.
goed insight in consumer behaviour, innovation on number 1, not only in year plan, but also in actions
good at design and product development
Great combination of innovative product development and lifestyle marketing
Great consumer product innovation in recent years. And a track record of having the courage to challenge what it does as a company and reinvent itself.
Great design to match lifestyles - people want to use Apple products out of what they say about us personally, not out of necessity.
Great new products that depart from previous thinking and create new categories
Great new products, combining style with function
Great product and brand innovation.
great products
Great products and style
Great products with maximized ease-of-use.
Great success with Ipod looking all the time at new products for high impact over the consumer
Great vision, wow products, creating new categories
Had the ability to create attractive new products and businesses around new usage paradigms
Has changed the way music is perceived. Excellent customer focus and marketing ensure that its products are widely accepted
Has revolutionized the way in which music (and in the future moving picture) is being acquired and consumed
Has successfully reinvented itself and repositioned what is known for... all through its own growth and rebirth rather than acquisition.
have changed the world several times now
have come out with breakthrough innovations regularly.
Have created new needs
Have managed to create a services business (Itunes) at very low margin that promotes their core business (Ipod) with high margins. Their innovation prowess allows them to avoid pre-announcing products and therefore to work to their own timeframes and not the PR machine.
High focus on customer behaviour and related solutions
high tech competitive demands, ipod chaging way music is consumed
Hip and trend-setting products.
history of innovative breakthroughs - another revolution with the iPod
I Tunes&LF;I pod&LF;G5&LF;Intel&LF;Design&LF;Pricing: Mac mini, ...
Industrial Design excellence, consistant category-busting product launches. Success outside their core industry with iPod+iTunes, podcasting, video.
innovation (even if they are ahead of their time), reflected in objects that become cultural icons
Innovation across a range of product attributes.
Innovation at the product and business model levels - integrated for most effect.
Innovation has kept this company alive through new product introductions. More importantly the new products sell they are not just academic.
Innovation opening new market through the solution of several problems in the same time.
Innovative designs and focus on the customer have taken them from an also ran back to a serious company in the computer industry. The iPod.
innovative leading products that have superior technology + shape the industry
innovative marketing and product
innovative products
Innovative products
Innovative products while commanding a premium price
Innovative products&LF;Creative marketing&LF;Viral Community
Innovative products, which define market trends and customer's behaviour (e.g. IPod)
innovative progressive outperforming development(iPOD)
Innovative, flawless designs with high awareness of ergonomics and a focus on differentiation with a cause
inovation, modernity, hip factor.
Integration of Computing/Communication, Music and Video
Inventing a new category for entertainment with the iPod.
iPod - a reinvention of the company utilizing an untried channel and simple hardware
iPod -- discontinuous innovation
i-Pod - functionality and look, plus the i-Tunes business model
iPod - Product innovation
iPod and iTunes. Do I need to say more?
iPod and other products enable more people to enjoy media
IPod development - very disruptive
iPOD gave a new spin to the music industry
IPOD generations
iPod is a cool business model
i-pod nano....quickly replacing i-pod mini while mini was still leading the innovation in the arena.
IPod revolutionised the music entertainment industry for younger generation.
iPod technology can be used in many other application that has not been thought of yet.
I-POD was a big shot.
IPod was a great idea. They were able to identify a new market and launched succesful a complete service business
IPod was brought to market in eight months with a grear success
iPod!, re-invetend itself.
i-Pod, howto re-invent the Sony success
iPod, iTunes
iPod, iTunes, PowerMac
ipod, only an example that summarize the ability of this company to offer something really new.
I-Pod, other innovative products.
iPod. Need I say more?
iPod. continually changing the market by innovating new opportunities to buy - creating consumer need
It re-invented the digital music industries
Its new products have produced true changes of paradigm in term of our social habits (the Mac and the iPod, being good examples of this)
itunes and podcasting have created entire aftermarkets in just a couple of years.
Itunes, Mac, Ipod, Newton, General Magic
Just as you think which Ipod can be next, they launch a new one (smaller, more features,...)
Keeps coming up with new products
Keeps finding ways to integrate techology into consumer's lives ipod, pixar, etc.
Keeps innovation "simple".&LF;Does not aim for the next "biggest thing" - just focusses on what may excite people and make them happy.
launched several useful products lately
Led the way with the iPod
Listens to customers and responds to the need not the want expressed
lives consumer orientation with constantly many new ideas
Looking for sustainable strategic advantage with an integrated business model
Mac, Windows, i-Pod and so on...
Macintosh, Newton, iPod
Marketing of iPod, willingness to abandon anti-Intel position
More specifically Steve Jobs in how he has been able to consistently outperform in launching inovative ideias
Need i say more? iPod and Apple Store
never stops
New and innovative products that meet latent needs
New business model
New market creation of MP3 players,&LF;superior product design and functionality&LF;New business model to sell music
New product concepts in usability and user experience
New product development is a steady stream.
New product developments which create new segments of markets (i.e. Ipod)
new product offerings with stores and online presence. These 2 channels reinforce the the brand dynamic and resonate with the customer
New products on the market with disruptive technologies like iPod, iMac, etc...
New products which Apple brings out which create new categories and fulfills consumers needs which they had not been able to articulate even
New products which transform their markets & consumers perceptions of what they need
New products; great design; customer friendly. They have often redefined both the computer hardware space and now the music industry.
new solutions customized to the customer's needs, highly personalised
No limits on thinking
Not afraid to introduce unique but user friendly products.
Not only innovating in products but also reinventing the business model
Novel designs and quality.
Novel ideas - great design and execution
One single product turned the company around, Ipod.
Only company to figure out how to charge for, deliver and receive content over the internet.
Originally Mac, the iPod, now video iPod
out-of -box
outside the box marketing
Periodical introduction of new systems\products that by being rationally innovative, can be mass produced and distributed affecting everyday life
perspective,design,making the wheel better
Produces great breakthrough products
product design&LF;new product development including entertainment&LF;product extensions&LF;keep trying to buck trend against odds
Product Design, Development and Marketing
Product innovation and marketing
Products and New Business Models
Products are always cutting edge in design and function
Products are totally in sync with the demand, but absolutely new
Proven capability to introduce products, services, and business models that are original and appealing to consumers
Pure innovation!
Recreating industries.
Redefine markets
redefine their business equation from &LF;computers to consumer electronics
Reinvented itself several times through fundamentally new products
Reinvented portable music.
Reinventing itself continuously. Great new products that really zero in on consumer needs and desires
Reinventing the industry
re-inventing their own market
Reinvention of business model, innovating in fields outside of supposed core competence
Reinvention of the company based on principles of deliver cool products to consumers.
Re-invents itself everytime, focusing on the customer
Relentless focus on the consumer!
Relentless innovation coupled with delivering high quality, user-friendly technology products, tying platforms, channels, and user patterns together in new ways.
Remains the trend definer in IT
Repositioned itself (again)as an innovative company, and that in itself is more important than launching new products.
Revolutionary product development creating new customer habits(i-Pod)
Revolutionized portable entertainment.
revolutionizes usage patterns
re-writing the rules on application and marketing of technology. Also changing the rules on what should be in-house vs outsourced
Saw the future of digital entertainment and offered consumers what they wanted (music downloads) at a fair price. They constantly release new iPods and continue to sell out. Late adopters hop on and early adopters snap up the new ones because there are enough new features to keep them happy.
seem to know what the market is looking for and are innovating things that change people's lives. Two prime examples the ipod and Mac
Sets the trend for electronic consumer products which are very user friendly
show me another technology company as focused on it's consumer, and as willing to reinvent itself on a regular basis.
simple, well-designed, meeting consumer demand
Simplicity and easy
Since the birth of the Macintosh, Steve Jobs has fostered a culture of fear, intimidation and innovation. The Ipod is a result of years of passion that only a company like Apple could deliver on. Sony should have hit a homerun with their PSP. If it had an Apple logo on it, sales of the PSP would be 10x current sales.
small mentality for a big company allowing them to be nimble
Steady flow of new ideas that redefine old products.
Steve Jobs' vision for seamless integration between hardware and software and knack for understanding user interfaces drive that company.
Steve Jobs!
Strong emphais on quality, understanding consumer and meeting market needs.
Strong leadership and a vital company design culture had continued to lead their industry in necessary directions.
Strong Trendsetter over the years. Changed the game several times with highly innovative products with great industrial design and usability.
Superior physical and user interaction design of its products. Continuous and fast innovations. Permanent attention in press. Persisent marketing.
Supreme design and creation of new areas like music downloads
Surviving against the software dominance of Microsoft by product innovation
Sustained new product innovation and market creation in ways that other companies have not matched
taking full risk and financing of truly innovative and advanced products
Taking significant advanate of the "portable entertainment" business.
technically advanced and very consumer oriented
Technological development and design
The ability to rethink their own business as well as develop products that customers couldn't articulate they needed or wanted...but now must have
The Apple pc and the iPod were, and still are, revolutionary innovations.
The company perceives the world in an unconventional way and develops products around the way people think rather than the way the company does.
The company seems to be always ahead of the curve on the latest technology. Most importantly, the company's marketing creates a must-have mentality that appeals to the mass consumer.
The constant supply of product innovation e.g. Ipod nano etc.
The design sensibilities, combined with the constant ability to invent new product families in the Mac and the iPod, are very impressive.
The iPod is a tremendous example of innovation and savvy marketing. In addition, they have been able to prove that a market exists for "legal" digital downloads.
The IPOD is THE disruptive innovation
The iPod is the most innovative product in several years.
The IPOD revolutionized the music industry making the walkman/discman obsolete. iTunes has also created an easy way to purchase music and place directly on iPOD.
The IPod!
the I-Tunes-I-Pod bundling is just the latest proof of their unique innovative ideas
The little engine that could, who learned quickly how to manage success..and, continues to attempt innovation.
The Man, the Products, the Experience, the Expectations
The most innovative and effectively designed electronic products for PC's to the IPOD
The pace at which the company introduces new products and drop earlier ones is amazing
The poster-child company combining business, marketing, design, and engineering in a wholistic way.
Their ability to design great customer experiences out of core technology platforms in several different ways.
Their I Pod is changing the way people aproach to music
Their pioneering products and technologies has been responsible for their initial success and recent revival
their product developement has been consistently innovative
Their product technology has helped create or revitalize their industry.
They always seem to come up with something that keeps them around, though IBM files tons more patents per year
They are able to pivot the entire company into new categories while still maintaining progress in core businesses.
they are able to reinvent themselves constantly and to create consumer trends
They are carrying the torch in many categories
They are extremely focused on the user experience. They create market demand via, they do not chase trends.
they are focused on their real needs of their customers and think deeply in their potential desires
They are leaders in product design and squeeze out profit longer by continually innovating
They can anticipate the customers' tastes.
they come out with unique products cocepts and design on a regular basis,which their industry colleagues & consumers have not draemt of.
They consistently deliver on creating new technology that changes they way we interact while maintaining a high level of design integrity
They continually produce cutting-edge technology
They continually seem to be out in front with new ideas and are very effective at communicating their view of the future.
They continue to develop new products that no one thought they needed but can't live without (Ipod)and push other supporting busines model to follow them.
They continue to launch new products and services that solve important customer problems and grow their categories
They continue to spin out well designed equipment, software and toys.
They create complex technology with the customer in mind from the beginning
they create new markets intead of share it.
They create technologies the consumer understands and can actually see themselves using.
They focus on technological disruption in the market to lauch product aimed at consumers' need. They avoid pushing technology for the sake of it.
They get the design exactly right.
They have always come out with outstanding products. More recently the ipod.
They have been really good in recent years at coming out with new and trully innovative products. One after the other
they have been to able reinvent many times their business model, while creating new markets
they have consistently managed their brand image as being human friendly and different from the boring mainstream and have capitalized on it with products that support their position.
They have developed innovative products and have pushed the envelope in product design.
They have made the transformation from technology-based to marketing driven under the second time leadership of Steve Jobs! Bravo, Apple!
They have researched and developed new technology.
They have successfully created a string of innovative products over a 30 year period.
They have successfully made the transition from being just a computer supplier to applying their creativity and expertise to music, movies, and more.
They have tapped into a customer need and developed a whole new method of delivery (IPOD) and pull for their products
They secured first mover advantage and shaped the competitive landscape in the digital media player market.
They seem to approach the question of product design not from the perspective of incremental improvement, but of a totally clean sheet of paper: "How could this be done?"
They seem to be a leader in the "next big thing" in personal technology
they still consider the needs of the customer at the top of their priority list. Microsoft still cannot think out of their engineering hubris.
They took a chance on their platform and found a niche market, and Let's not forget the i-pod.
they truly think and develop outside the box products and services
They've taken an incredibly simple concept with the iPod and created a dynasty that keeps getting better and better. And they make it accessible to everyone.
Thinking about consumers and distribution of content from a customer experience point of view
through innovative product design Apple has been able to develop completely new business models and products that have helped to shape our modern culture
Turning that company around and driving new killer products quarter after quarter is no small feat.
Two steps ahead of the industry in terms of anticipating future technologies or concepts that become a mainstream
Understands what the consumer wants before they know they want it.
Unique products
Uniquely addresses consumer needs with new user designs and technology advances
Use design, marketing and strong user experience to revolutionize product segments
use of (technical) core competences to create market innovations
User friendly products
Very adept at bringing new to the world innovations and then continually introducing better versions to keep their competition off base.
Very creative and innovative while being capable of taking ideas into the market.
Very focussed on user experience, design in order to sell products. Tough to delight typically jaded customers in this day and age, but they pull it off...
visionary leader;&LF;innovated outside its original roots, and created a new product and service -- iPod;&LF;customer driven, really listens to customer feedback and designs for customer first
Waves of on target new product introductions continue to create new markets and grab market share seemingly overnight. Apple knows how to turn innovative ideas into new disruptive products that will lead to long-term profitable growth.
While seeming to move out of their core, Apple's computers and iPod are similar in that win on form-function that is simple, but powerful.
Why not? They're ability to create iconic, innovative products and refine and improve on their platforms is unrivaled. The iPod was fantastic, the Nano and the Video iPod are better. The Mac platform is better than rival products but they continuously refine and improve it. iTunes is new, innovative, and years later still miles ahead of the competiton.
Willing to Think Different
With iPod and iTunes, Apple has delivered a very simple system that required aligning a large number of disparate players and platforms.
You expect the whats next from them in tech. and entertainment.

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