You know you're really famous when somebody writes a song about you. BoingBoing notes that a UK band, Neon Trees, has released a catchy ditty (click on the first track) about founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and his plans for space travel. If you didn't know about Bezos' space obsession, you actually might not realize "The Life and Times of Jeff" is about him. In fact, there's a mention of his being from "a little town in Delaware," when the only Delaware connection I'm aware of is that Amazon is chartered there.

But if you listen carefully, you'll hear a mention of a detail in Bezos' early life that was revealed in BusinessWeek's first cover story on Amazon: In Montessori school, his mother once told me, Bezos would get so engrossed in a project that teachers would have to lift his chair to move him to other projects. So yeah, the song sure sounds likes it's about that Jeff.

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