Video Online: 3 minutes v. 30 minutes

What's the worth of a 3 minute video blog v. a 30 minute TV show?

Chartreuse has an interesting post about how broadcast TV is dead, because of the Internet. The bare statement seems overblown to me. But the idea behind this notion--that the economics of the Internet are undermining the broadcast model--makes sense to me.

Still, Chartreuse uses the example of the Abram Report on MSNBC versus Rocketboom. While it takes a whole team of people to create the Abram report, which reaches 215,000 people each day, Rocketboom, with 2 people, reaches 200,000. (I thought Rocketboom was at 150,000 but let's assume this for argument's sake.)

The question I wonder whenever these two kinds of show as compared is what about the length of the show? Is reaching roughly the same audience that's around for 3 minutes as valuable as reaching an audicence that watches for 1/2 hour? I believe Rocketboom and its ilk are valuable and disruptive, I just don't know yet what this work is worth in the long run. I know, Rocketboom just signed advertisers for $40,000 a week. But my operative question is about the long term.

......Also, unintentional radio silence last week. I went to a funeral and forgot to bring along my laptop. Since I don't have a handheld like Steve, I wasn't able to tap into the blog.

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