Fed up with the loud music at Starbucks, Om Malik is looking for new cafes where he can get work done. His post has spurred a flurry of suggestions by well-meaning entrepreneurs seeking anywhere to work but an office.

I have one suggestion: Stay home!

It's no secret that coffee joints are the new offices, at least for startups. But is there anything worse than walking into a cafe to find a dozen people glued to laptops, usually solo and isolated with earphones, hogging the seating for long periods and turning the place into a dead zone? Sorry, but maybe some of that $50 billion VC overhang can go into real offices so the rest of us can find a seat to sip our cappuccinos in peace.

Hey, I don't mind a few folks cadging a WiFi connection--done it myself!--but I've found that it takes only a few selfish people lingering too long to turn a pleasant gathering place into a--well, an office. As Om notes, the point is to get AWAY from the office.

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