Help! I have to review the video iPod

Stephen Baker asks for help on his upcoming review of Apple's video iPod for BusinessWeek Online.

I have to write a review of the video iPod. I welcome your input. Those of you who have one, any gratifying features? Any complaints?

I bought one (30 gigs) a couple of weeks ago. I find the video quality stunning. Haven't given the battery a good test yet, nor have I figured out how to load photos into it. There's an Adobe page that pops up for some reason on the computer screen when I sync it up. It might have something to do with photos.

I guess I'm a bit disappointed that the machine doesn't handle more of the podcasting updates for me. I expected that as soon as I hitched it to the computer, the system would update the podcasts automatically, and download them onto the iPod. That process is taking a little more participation from me. But maybe I'm doing something wrong.

So, at that primitive stage in iPod management, I ask for your ideas, suggestions, etc etc.

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