Achenblog sidesteps vitriol at the Post blog

None of the comment vitriol at the Washington Post seems to be reaching the Joel Achenbach's blog, where good humor prevails.

I read that after the Washington Post shut down comments on its public editor blog, angry commenters migrated elsewhere in the Post's blog kingdom. So I checked my favorite Post blog to see if Joel Achenbach's legions of friendly commenters were infiltrated by protesters.

Nope, they're as friendly as ever. Two lengthy poems appear his latest batch of comments, one about politics, the other about diabetes. And Achenbach's latest post has a good dollup of his usual humor:

The four-year term is an artifact of the 18th century. In an accelerated society, four years can sometimes seem much shorter or much longer, depending upon the intensity of media coverage of a presidency, and whether we're getting fed up with someone. It's well known among historians, for example, that the Millard Fillmore presidency seemed to go on for a full century. Whereas the first Grover Cleveland presidency was so forgettable that people literally forgot he had been president, and a few years later elected him again for what they thought was the first time.

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