Some Googling Aspirations

A little about Tristan Louis' post on Google's new Safe Browsing technology and the imporantance to Google of collecting data.

In a response to the Steve's post wondering about what the next Google will be, Jim Dermitt points out another new Google service, Safe Browsing. I think he's definitely right in pointing out that this is a smart service to offer nowadays, since people are worried about security and phishing.

And then, in my email box, I found a message from Tristan Louis who did a post dissecting exactly why it makes sense to offer this kind of service, even though on the surface it's hard to see how a service like would help Google's business, which is all about advertising.

Louis concluded that this is about Google's need to collect data so that it can know its audience better--and sell more ads. He even digs into their privacy policy to back up this conclusion.

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