Pick Your Favorite Slide Show

From Old World luxury to new Web miracles, we put together our Top 10 from 2005. Which you do like the best? Vote now

We picked our favorites. Now it's your turn.

With scores of slide shows to choose from, BusinessWeek Online staffers narrowed down the choices for the favorite slide shows of 2005. Now it's your turn to tell us which of our Top 10 is your favorite. Do cars rev your engines? Then you take a spin with either Classic Cars' Continued Cachet or Cars for a Midlife Crisis.

Want to be reminded of some of the best new products of the last year? See the Annual Design Awards 2005 for the complete list of IDEA gold, silver, and bronze winners. The Web's Mundane Miracles will open your eyes to how the Web is changing your life in ways you may never imagined. If you have a case of wanderlust, take a quick trip to Europe with Traveling in Old World Luxury. Or pamper yourself by looking at Portraits of Peninsula, Annie Leibowitz' black-and-white photos of the upscale hotel chain.

Considering something more permanent? Check out Affordable Homes in the West, one of a series that explored such homes across the country.

If a trip to New York's Broadway will do the trick, take a look at -- and listen to -- The Making of a Musical: The Color Purple, a behind-the-scenes look at the new show's creation. Crazy for the Crazy Frog? Sweet on Sweety? Visit VeriSign's Ringtone Menagerie. And don't go Christmas shopping without checking out Can You Pick the Fake?. It shows that fakes may look fabulous, but they're not.

Which is your favorite slide show? Or, if we didn't include your personal pick from our Interactive Gallery, tell us what it is -- and why.


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