Here's an interesting story from the Green Bay Press Gazette, for you Steve Jobs historians out there. It gives some facts about Jobs' biological parents that would make nice fodder for Owen Linzmayer's next edition of The Mac Bathroom Reader, should he choose to write one--such as the fact that Jobs' mother's family owned a "mink farm" in Green Bay. Talk about random. Too bad it wasn't a fruit orchard, eh?

Maybe the most newsworthy, if it can be called that, item was mentioned by one of Jobs' biological cousins, one Jim Giese. He says that Jobs' birth parents, who were unmarried at the time, snuck off to California for the birth. That may clear up a mini-controversy that flared up some weeks ago, when author Fredric Alan Maxwell sent Jobs a copy of a profile he'd written about Jobs' biological father--along with a strongly worded cover e-mail that accused Jobs of lying about his place of birth. The cover letter, a copy of which Maxwell sent to many press people including myself, read as follows:

I've attached my piece on Mr. Jobs' biological father as a courtesy, finding it interesting that he was born not in San Fran as he's always claimed, but Madison, Wisconsin, something he's known for
decades. Ah, but we always look to the corporate world for truth, don't we.

Evidently, Maxwell's skepticism may have been unwarranted in this case.

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