Blog startup Performancing lays out its business plan

Performancing, a blog startup, provides details on its business strategy.

Yesterday, I asked Performancing for its business plan and exit strategy. Peter Brady responds to the general points about the prospects for blogging entrepreneurs with this thoughtful post. But I got more details about Performancing's own strategy in an email from Brady's colleague, Nick Wilson. He took on my questions one by one (while artfully avoiding numbers):

Q: I've seen prominent ads for your blog on Technorati. Are those
bringing in a lot of traffic?

A: We're reasonably pleased with the results of that campaign, but not over the moon about it. We'll most likely try a few more creatives before the end of our slot there.

Q: How much do you value each visitor?

A: Immeasurably.

Q: What's your business plan at Performancing?

A: Well, we're not quite ready to unveil our plans for monetization just yet but we're starting out with community in mind. We want to build a great collection of seriously useful content for the pro blogging community, as well as releasing some tools that will help bloggers succeed.
The smaller of two tools set for release is a Firefox extension for
bloggers that you *should* be able to see in a week or two. The second, much larger project is set for February 2006 -- they are both 100% free, forever.

There are also some as yet loose plans to do an off-blog meetup and get face to face with our growing community.

Q: Do you hope to build it into a collection of professional blogs in
different domains?

A: No, though it's an interesting idea.

Q: Do you have schedules on how often each of you posts?

A: Only in a very loose way. The arrangements are different from blogger to blogger.

Q: Finally, what's your exit strategy?

A: Right now we don't have one, though there are several obvious options. All we want for now is to become the best source of professional blogging information, the largest community of professional bloggers, and to have some fun whilst getting there. At that point, the right business opportunities will present themselves.

There's much more on blogging business today with this post from Jeff Jarvis, and a saucy rebuttal from Jason Calacanis.

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