The Business of Podcasting

The first installment of BW's podcast series about the business of podcasting. And a story about the rise of podcasting networks, with a focus on Adam Curry's PodShow.

After doing a story for the magazine on the search for podcasting business models, I thought it might be interesting to do a series of podcasts on the topic. To kick it off, I also wrote an online story about the rise of networks, focusing on PodShow, the startup founded by Adam Curry and Ron Bloom.

With the podcast series, I am talking to podcasters about the business of podcasting. It's an interesting time to do this, because this is all just evolving right now. Here's the first installment with Leo Laporte, one of the hosts of the This Week in Tech podcast.

We talked about how the podcast got started, why they went with the tip jar approach, and the network of spinoffs the folks at TWiT want to create using the $10,000 in monthly donations they are getting. Laporte has some interesting thoughts on following your passion, why a distinctive, intimate voices is even more important with podcasting than with blogging and why the two are actually very different animals.

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