Blog exit plan? We're just getting started

Most blogs have no market value--unless the blogger is included. And that's just the blogger getting a job.

I'm reading more and more about the market value of blogs--and believing very little of it. Maybe I'm blind to opportunity, but I think the overwhelming majority of our blogs have little or no market value unless the blogger is included. And that's less a sale of a blog than a blogger getting a job.

Others see things differently. Consider this post from Performancing.

Here are their questions:

Do you as a professional blogger have an exit strategy? Where do you want your blog business to be in say 2 years time? Are you positioning your blogs with an eye to a big payday or for long term organic growth? Who might be likely purchasers of your blog business? Have you considered the potential for a stock market flotation at some point?

Am I missing something, or are we getting way ahead of ourselves here?

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