Podcasting: The Novel

Who knew? Got an email from Scott Sigler, who says that he was the first novelist to do a serialize version of a book in a podcast.

Who knew? Well certainly not me. I just got an email from Scott Sigler, who says that he had done a podcast over the summer to serialize a book called EarthCore that he had written. Now he's serializing another book called Ancestor and it's attracting 16,000 listeners.

Sigler wrote to me because he says he hasn't been able to get any coverage in the mainstream media and he wonders why, since he think that "in two years, every major fiction book release will have a few chapters podcast for free, to expose the work and draw in buyers for the print version."

"The publishing industry is only now starting to figure out this medium, with Penguin Books putting out the first publisher podcast to promote new books. Penguin just released their podcast–-I released EarthCore in March 2005."

He's right. It's a no brainer to adopt this different technologies to market your book. But as to his lack of coverage, I can only say that because he's right, Penguin's move into podcasting makes more ripples, since the company is bigger. But we're always happy to get emails from people about these kinds of things. Everything is moving so fast it's hard to keep track of it all.

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