New BusinessWeek feature focuses on ScotusBlog

New BusinessWeek weekly blog feature focuses on Scotusblog

Every week we'll be recommending an interesting or useful blog to share with BusinessWeek readers. For the first installment of this series, I picked Scotusblog. It was one of many law blogs I reviewed, but seemed especially relevant now, because of the Supreme Court nominations.

Here's the item in the latest BW:

WHY READ IT: A rich clearinghouse on constitutional law. Scotus links to blogs, articles, and podcasts on the Supreme Court. A click carries readers to a sister site, The Supreme Court Nomination blog (, on the Harriet Miers dustup.

: Produced by the Washington law firm of Goldstein & Howe, whose specialists in Supreme Court cases add their own analysis.

NOTABLE POST: Details of legal wrangling as terror suspect Zacarias Moussaoui seeks to avoid the death penalty. "[P]ictures of thousands of victims would be kept out [of the first stage of a jury trial], giving Moussaoui what his lawyers hope would be a better chance of convincing the jury that he is not eligible for a death sentence."

For next week, I'm thinking of recommending AlwaysLowPrices, a blog about Wal-Mart. Any reason I should--or shouldn't?

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