Every December, BusinessWeek publishes an investment guide for the year ahead. This year I'm doing the real estate story.

Here's the question my editors want me to answer: Are there still any real estate bargains out there?

What do you think?

Any U.S. cities where house prices still have room to rise? (Youngstown?)
Any countries where real estate is still relatively cheap? (Germany?)
Condos feel kind of pricey lately, but are there still deals to be had?
What about REITs?
If you like REITs, which kinds?

Name names, please.

Remember, it's not enough to say that an investment costs less. You have to make the case that it's likely to go up in price and/or throw off a lot of cash in the next year.

Be prepared to defend your choices because at least someone reading this blog is bound to disagree with whatever you say.

I'm thinking of giving a prize to the Hot Property reader who comes up with the idea that works out the best over the next year. Let's say, either 100 acres of midtown Manhattan real estate or a paper crown labeled Real Estate Emperor. My choice.

So ... send in those ideas and start arguing with each other.

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