A new metaphor for RSS? How about TiVo?

A new metaphor for RSS? Try Tivo

Dave Taylor says that RSS still leaves many mystified. He says we need a new metaphor. I say that the RSS concept is seeping into our lives and starting to feel familiar, whatever we call it. If someone asks, try this: Imagine a service that records all the TV shows you want. You just check them off on a list, and whenever they show up... You get the point. TiVo is syndication, with the emphasis on Really Simple.

UPDATE: A European reader asked for a definition of TiVo. Clearly, it's not the universal metaphor we were looking for. My mistake and my apologies. TiVo is a recording device with a large hard disk and terrific software. It allows users to pick out shows to be recorded, and then to watch them whenever they want. Or, if they prefer, they can start an hour-long show about 20 minutes late, and then zap through the ads and finish at the same time as everyone else.

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