BW article on AOL buying Weblogs Inc. (sliced to 80 lines)

Links to the BW article on AOL buying Weblogs Inc. and discusses the frustrations of writing for a paper magazine

I sat down this week for the first time in a while to write about blogs for the paper magazine. Here's the story. The process took some getting used to. For starters, I had to define blogs. (Readers had complained that we didn't do enough of that in last May's cover story.)Second, I had to cut the story by a third when it shrank on Wednesday from three columns to two.

Then there was the question of identifying companies without eating up too many lines. I had Burst!Media as an "Internet advertising network," but editors wanted more details. The way I had it, it didn't even sound like a company. I wrestled with that for a while--until I saved 12 lines by cutting out the entire paragraph. Then there was TACODA, the behavioral advertising company. An editor wondered what that meant. Should I take the space to explain that TACODA provides technology that tracks Web-surfers clicks, in order to deliver contextually relevant ads? That's three lines right there. The solution: vagueness. I called it "an advertising technology company." So, sometimes when you see a lack of precision in the paper press, limited space could be the reason. We don't have that excuse online.

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