A surprise guest has just showed up at the Web 2.0 conference: Google cofounder Sergey Brin. Guess he got tired of hearing everyone takes potshots at his company. Unfortunately, he kept things very close to the vest. No surprise there for Google watchers, but a little disappointing.

Someone in the audience asked if Google would do an Office-type suite of services. "I don't really think that trying to take previous technology generations and just port them directly--take a minicomputer and do it in Ajax--always makes sense," Brin replies. "We don't have any particular plans. I've seen a lot of great demos here." But then he implies that the whole process of creating and sharing documents could be better. So don't bet against Google doing something there. There are certainly a lot of choices.

Brin also doesn't give the 200 to 300 entrepreneurs here at the conference, trying to figure out how to avoid Google, much guidance. Most of Google's most successful projects, he points out, are bottom-up, not conceived by top management, so it's hard to predict what it will do next.

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